Different, standardised basis,

cost-effective, individual solution.


eguide4DATA is a modular, standardized IIot platform with the possibility of individual customization. The web-based platform represents a data management system that covers the areas of versioning, data backup, monitoring, documentation and change management. When fully expanded, the system is capable of meeting both maintenance requirements and management needs. eguide4DATA can be operated either on-premises or in the cloud. Thanks to the scalability and modular structure of the software, it can be used beneficially by small companies as well as large corporations.



Is the managing directory for storing digital objects 

Versioning Module

On request, data can be versioned to provide the user with information on the latest version, as well as WHO, WHEN, WHAT, WHERE and WHY has changed. 

Documentation Module

All changes made within eguide4DATA
are documented for the user. He has the possibility to create reports from them. These data are also available to the analytics module. 

Support Module

The user creates a support ticket within the application, which refers directly to the problem in context. The support module automatically collects all relevant data.  

Dashboard Module

Task planner

It enables and simplifies the creation, forwarding and assignment of maintenance plans as well as the control of the processing status and workflows.


Messenger is the integrated notification system for goal-oriented communication (workflows, notifications, etc.).




To develop your individual solution

Backup & Image Module

Enables the creation of automated cyclical disaster recovery capable backups/images of your automation devices and PCs. With online/offline comparison and alarm function.

Workflow Module

Allows you to define your own workflows (notification and approval) 

History Module

This means the cyclical recording of data/values and the evaluation of this information. 

Monitoring Module

The production is graphically displayed in a web interface. The individual plants can be equipped with parameters and alarm limits. This allows a prompt reaction to irregularities. In connection with the History add-on, the user has integrated an independent production data acquisition.

Analytics Module

All recorded data can be retrieved via report. Easy access to existing data for audits. Furthermore, KPIs can also be graphically prepared.