see the important things, do the right thing, implementing values.


The right time for modern data management software! We have been dealing with this issue for years and have decided to step back from the old approach to develop a “new” one. Customer benefit and usage friendliness were and still are the main driver of our  developments. Data management is understandable, comprehensible, transparent and as easy to use as your smart phone. The handling is clearly structured, adjustments to your own needs are presented in a very understandable way and can be implemented quickly.

See the important things always and everywhere!

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Philosophie PLUS4DATA GmbH - Das Richtige tun

The customer is at the centre of our activities and his goals are the driving force behind our efforts, innovations, adaptations and changes, in order to provide him with the benefits and create a positive environment in our company. Respect and acceptance characterize our dealings with our customers and employees. Creating trust and providing security are our contributions to a lasting partnership relationship, with you as our customers and with our employees.


As a start-up company we cannot yet score with size and references. However, with us you can work professionally from the first contact and expect innovative solutions and ideas. We never lose sight of your project goal and are positioned to deal with emerging challenges in a timely manner. This is how we want to score points and become your reliable partner for a long-term cooperation. To achieve this, we will build a professionally competent and motivated team: Employees with passion, excellent training and the ambition to live our values in the long term.

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