Maintain an overview.

eguide4DATA backs up and delivers all important data on time.

Whether Siemens S7 Klassik, TIA-Portal, Beckhoff, SEW, KUKA, ABB, Rockwell, HMI Scada System

and many more, all data with just one click.

eguide4DATA is a modular, standardised IIot platform with the option of individual customisation. The web-based platform is a data management system that covers the areas of versioning, backup, monitoring, documentation and preventive maintenance.

When fully expanded, the system is able to fulfil the requirements of both maintenance and management. eguide4DATA can be operated on-premise or in your preferred cloud.

Thanks to the scalability and modular structure of the software, it can be utilised by medium-sized companies right up to large corporations.

The modules

Manufacturer-independent device support for all common automation systems

Versioning module

On request, data can be versioned to always provide the user with information on the latest version, as well as WHO, WHEN, WHAT, WHERE and WHY changes have been made.

Analysis module

All recorded data can be called up in a report. Easy access to existing data for audits. KPIs can also be visualised graphically.

Monitoring module

Production is visualised graphically in a web interface.
The individual systems can be assigned parameters and provided with alarm limits. This makes it possible to react promptly to irregularities. In conjunction with the History add-on, the user has integrated independent production data acquisition.

Documentation module

All changes made within eguide4DATA are documented for the user. They have the option of creating reports from this data. This data is also available to the analytics module.

Backup & Image Modul

Enables the creation of automated cyclical disaster recovery-capable backups/images of your automation devices and PCs. With online/offline comparison and alarm function.

Workflow Modul

Allows you to define your own workflows (notification and approval).

History module

This refers to the cyclical recording of data/values and analyses of this information.

Support module

The user creates a support ticket within the application that relates directly to the problem in context. The support module automatically collects all relevant data.


Our versatile tools are designed to optimise your work processes and increase your efficiency. The flexible architecture ensures seamless integration into your working environment without the customer having to adapt their processes to the software.

Migration tool

Cross-module and user-friendly design to enable you to migrate data smoothly.

Maintenance Manager

Make sure that you always have an up-to-date backup of your database ready for the worst-case scenario.

Component type editor

Allows you to flexibly customise or create component types according to your specific requirements.


Provides comprehensive support for troubleshooting.

User administration

Enables you to manage your user accounts and access rights simply and effectively.

Archive Manager

Simplifies the creation of new archives and the management of existing archives.

Mail template

Simplifies the creation and management of mail templates for consistent and professional communication.